Practical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Theory

Tuesday, Thursday 11:00 am
Fall Semester
W. Milo Westler - Emeritus Distinguished Scientist

The lecture notes are available as AcrobatReader PDF files.

The class will be on-line for 2021.

Scope of the course: study of multipulsed, multinuclear, and multidimensional NMR spectroscopy; emphasis on the vector and product operator formalisms for the analysis of modern pulse sequences. Course format:lecture and discussion; Topics to be covered: The Vector Paradigm Coherence and Magnetization Radio Frequency (Rf) Excitation Chemical Shifts Signal Detection Fourier Transformation Coherence Transfer Pathways and Phase Cycling Pulsed Field Gradients Scalar Coupling Product Operator Formalism Coherence Transfer Isotope Directed Editing Two-Dimensional NMR Multi (>2)-Dimensional NMR 1H, 13C, and 15N Triple Resonance 3d and 4d NMR Pulse Concatenation and Sequence Optimization Relaxation Prerequisites: introductory NMR (e.g. organic chemistry), basic trigonometry, elementary physics, and physical chemistry. Course materials: lecture notes and literature articles