Biochem 800 Lecture notes (W. M. Westler)

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NMR related Lectures:

Biomacromolecule-biomacromolecule interactions as probed by NMR spectroscopy

NMR Spectroscopy - Instrumental Analysis for Chemical Engineers


Product operator simulator:

prodop.ova, is a product operator simulator installed in a ubuntu mate 16.04 virtual machine containing Octave 4.0 and the 2spin and 3spin folders for use with Oracle's Virtualbox ( The download file is ~3.3 GB.

To make sure there are no transfer errors, the md5sum can be checked ( md5sum_prodop.

Oracle's VirtualBox installs easily and works smoothly on Windows, OSX, and linux. Once VirtualBox is installed, double click on prodop.ova and select import from the vbox gui that starts. Once the install has completed, double click on prodop in the VM window and the virtualmachine will open. If necessary, the username and password are nmrfam.

GNU Octave is a free, high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. Octave is closely compatible to Matlab.

To run this VM, it may be necessary, but hopefully unlikely, to enable virtualization in your computer's BIOS. Please see your owners manual.


These zip files contain the Octave code for use with the prodop program.

Some useful references:

Complex Numbers and Trigonometry

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

Other references

Older material

Basic NMR Chapt1.pdf

The Vector Paradigm Chapt2.pdf

Rotational Frequencies and Angles Chapt3.pdf

Rotation Matrices Chapt4.pdf

Rotating Frame Chapt5.pdf

Effective Fields Chapt6.pdf

Relaxation Chapt7.pdf

The Fourier Transform Chapt8.pdf

Detection Chapt9.pdf

Phase Cycling and Pulsed Field Gradients Chapt10.pdf

Two-dimensional NMR Chapt11.pdf

The Nuclear Overhauser Effect Chapt12.pdf

Theoretical Description of Coupling - Product Operators Chapt13.pdf

Coherence Flow Networks Chapt14.pdf

Coherence Transfer Chapt15.pdf

Homonuclear Correlated Spectroscopy (COSY) Chapt16.pdf

Heteronuclear Shift Correlations Chapt17.pdf